Comprehensive support services

We believe the sale is only the first step
Flying Production’s full spectrum of support services provides customers with comprehensive integrated logistics support (ILS) and maintenance services for all products.
Customer satisfaction is paramount to Flying Production; the company ensures the highest product availability throughout its life cycle -- via technical documentation, training in support of both operation and maintenance, spare parts kits, and engineering after-sale support -- and continues to support customers over time and according to the contract requirements.

Our Services

Training and certification
We offer a full spectrum of training services and support to ensure that customers who have purchased our UAS acquire the necessary skills for effective operation and optimum performance. Training is delivered at all levels -- for both UAS pilots and technicians -- employing the latest technologies and training concepts to ensure the learning process is straightforward and effective.
Expanded maintenance
 Our comprehensive maintenance package includes contractor logistics support (CLS), performance-based logistics (PBL), depot level logistics, technical support (e.g. technical support, spare parts, and support equipment), and technical documentation. ILS services include a complete suite of on-site and off-site support services, emergency and routine repair services, pre-and post-production support, extended warranties and maintenance contracts, retrofit management, and lifetime operating technical support.
Engineering support and integration: Our engineering support includes design integrity and management, upgrades and modifications, and continuous improvement for the ongoing optimization of our UAS platforms. Our open architecture provides full interoperability with external 3rd party systems for maximum flexibility and versatility.
Local service centers
 We provide the necessary knowledge to perform routine maintenance for platforms including Intermediate level (I-Level) and Depot level (D-Level) maintenance. This level of maintenance helps the customer save costs both by maintaining a high level of service and for the flexibility in selecting the suitable maintenance level for each specific component.


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