Advanced Technology Yields UAVs as Force Multiplier

Multi-rotor UAS solutions are increasingly becoming the key to intelligence superiority and operational flexibility. Flying Production’s military line of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are designed specifically for the tactical needs of Homeland Security (HLS), military, and defense sectors, delivering cutting-edge end-to-end systems that include hardware design, mission software, electronics/mechanics, a variety of payload integrations, and more. The company's airborne vehicles share the same autopilot proprietary system -  the NEVO flight software –  as well as other system components.  
In-house R&D and Development: Flying Production’s advanced UAV solutions are based on more than a decade of experience, advanced in-house capabilities, and core technologies. The company designs and manufactures its line of multi-rotor UAVs exclusively in Israel, and oversees the entire lifecycle of its solutions.
Enhanced Operational Flexibility: With the ability to tailor solutions to the customer's operational needs, Flying Productions UAVs have been combat-proven for a wide range of missions, including reconnaissance, drop-and-go missions, targeting acquisition, among others. Rapid deployment in under two minutes delivers a decisive edge on the modern battlefield.
Agile Flight Control & Precision Landing: The company's multi-rotor UAVs can conduct missions within a 5-to-10-kilometer radius. The solutions offer an autonomous flight capability, and the ability to continue the mission despite GPS blocking/spoofing.
Object Detection & Collision Avoidance: Flying Production’s aerial platforms feature onboard computing power that supports Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications. Advanced AI algorithms allow for automatic object identification, object tracking, and obstacle negotiation in order to ensure mission success.
Advanced tactical combat suite: Specially created for complex missions, the UAVs feature airframe reinforcement that allows for rugged operations in austere environments, as well as a limited acoustic signature due to a tailored propeller and fuselage design. Additional technological adaptations allow for flight stability in high winds and heavy precipitation, and radio and battery integration enable exceptional flight endurance.  
Comprehensive after-sales support: Flying Production provides customers with comprehensive multidimensional post-sale integrated logistical support (ILS). Customers benefit from training programs for pilots and flight supervisors, after-sale advanced engineering support, and an extensive local maintenance program, up to the subcomponent level. 
  • Founded in 2011
  • Specializes in design, development, implementation, and life cycle support, of advanced Multi-rotor Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS).
  • Providing cutting-edge “end-to-end” solutions, that include HW design, mission SW, electronics/mechanics, payload integrations, etc.
  • Main provider for the IDF among other Intelegance organizations in Israel.

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